Meet 'The Art of de Grisogono'

163ct de Grisogono Diamond.jpg

Unveiled today in Hong Kong, de Grisogono presented the largest D-color, flawless diamond to ever come to auction.

Emerging from a 404.20-carat rough, the largest to ever be discovered in Angola, the 163.41-carat Type IIa emerald-cut diamond is as perfect as they come. After acquiring the rough, de Grisogono went through a year-long process of cutting and polishing the stone to its present state. In partnership with Christie’s, the exceptional gem will be auctioned in Geneva on November 14, 2017.

So how does one make a 163.41-carat diamond wearable? That was to be decided by de Grisogono founder Fawaz Gruosi and his design team. Says Gruosi: ‘I have never had a problem finding creative ideas, but this time there was the immense pressure of “dressing” such an amazing diamond. I couldn’t do something very simple or that has already been seen.’

The Art of de Grisogono Necklace 163 carats.jpg

The final design, dubbed ‘The Art of de Grisogono’, is an asymmetrical necklace that features another 18 emerald-cut diamonds, two rows of pear-shaped emeralds and the emerald pavè that has become a signature for the Swiss high jeweler. The pendant is detachable so that the diamond can be set into other jewelry if desired.

The necklace will embark on a worldwide tour before being auctioned in Geneva on November 14:

  • Hong Kong - September 28 to October 1
  • London - October 4 to October 7
  • Dubai - October 17 to October 19
  • New York - November 4 to November 5
  • Geneva - November 9 to November 14

Read more about the mining and cutting story of this remarkable gem here: Christie’s

163 carat diamond Art of de Grisogono Necklace.jpg