Brilliant from Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge Brilliant Rings.JPG

Fernando Jorge has a problem: he can’t keep his new Brilliant collection in stock.

The Brazilian-born, London-based designer who has made a name for himself with vivid color combinations and uniquely energetic designs has taken his aesthetic in an interesting new direction.

Working with just diamonds for the first time, and just brilliant-cut diamonds at that, the collection manages to be graphic and yet sensual at the same time. Diamonds laid out in grid patterns and straight lines are articulated and move with the body, swaying with the turn of a head and hugging the fingers and wrists.

Retailers want it in store, customers want it in their hands, and editors can’t get enough of it - myself included.

The 14-piece collection, divided into Disco, Clarity, Sequence and Sparkle, was unveiled at the Couture Show in June and proved to be the talk of the trade fair. It was a challenge to get even more than a moment with the pieces at his booth. Additionally, the Disco earrings took home the coveted 'Best Diamonds over 20k’ award at the Couture Design Awards to no one’s surprise.

Recently making its state-side debut at Barneys in New York, I was happy to have a bit more time with the collection. Wanting to try on every single piece, I unfortunately missed the magnificent Disco bracelet, as it had just been sent out on request for an editorial shoot.

Chatting with the quiet-spoken designer at the trunkshow, he expressed his disappointment at not being able to please everyone, as only so many pieces could be made at a time. Nonetheless he was already thinking about the expansion of the collection - and his upcoming trip to Paris for a trunkshow there. A trip that will no doubt garner even more fans and, perhaps, leave even more people scrambling to get their hands on one of his unique pieces.

The collection is currently available at Harrods in London and Barneys in New York.