Preview: Christie's Magnificent Jewels Geneva

Exceptional diamonds lead the upcoming Christie’s auction in Geneva.

The star of the sale is a necklace by Boehmer et Bassenge called La Légende that features a 92.15 carat heart-shaped diamond. The stone is the very best you can get - a D color, flawless, Type IIa diamond - and the necklace holds an estimate of $14-20 million. (Lot 228)

Also from Boehmer et Bassenge is a pair of chandelier earrings called 'La Vie Bohème’ that feature two 10 carat marquise diamonds that are also D color, flawless, Type IIa. (Lot 227)

Previously in the collection of Doris Duke, an elaborate Cartier diamond necklace is on offer. A gift from her husband James H R Cromwell, the necklace's diamonds have been mounted and unmounted over the years, but is now back in its whole form. It carries an estimate of $3-5 million. (Lot 265)

If you are looking for color, an exceptional oval-cut ruby will also be offered. Just over 15 carats, the stone is classified as ‘Pigeon’s Blood Red’ and of Burmese origin with no indication of heating. The ring carries an estimate of $10-15 million. (Lot 268)

Also of note is an exceptional Padparadscha sapphire in a Bulgari setting. Remarkable for its size at 46.92 carats, its vivid pinkish-orange hue stands out from across a room. The ring holds an estimate of $1-1.2 million. (Lot 143)

Christie’s is also offering a special section of Italian jewels with interesting provenance that you can read more about here.

The Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction takes place in Geneva on May 17 at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, with previews being held beginning May 12.

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