Chaumet and Central Saint Martin's 21st Century Tiara

From its founding in 1780 to today, the tiara has played a central role in the history of French maison Chaumet.

Though society is much changed since Empress Josephine’s diadem was made in the 18th century - today a tiara is just as likely to be worn as a stylish statement as a representation of title - Chaumet continues to fulfill the demand for headpieces by including tiaras in high jewelry collections and taking custom orders.

Continuing to look forward, Chaumet partnered with prestigious London design school Central Saint Martins to give 60 BA and MA jewelry students total creative freedom in designing a thoroughly modern jewel.

The winning design, β€˜Vertiges', was a submission from 21-year-old Scott Armstrong, a final-year student in the Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery program. Armstrong began making jewelry in his teens and enrolled in the school immediately upon finishing his secondary education.

The design was inspired by the geometry of formal French gardens, such as those of Versailles, which Scott studied plans of. Pathways are paved with channel-set white diamonds and clipped greenery is represented with a spray of various shades of tourmalines and garnets.

As the elegant but edgy piece goes on tour around the world, it is likely to inspire even more stylish women to consider a sparkling topper.

View a short video below of the final piece and check out a series of videos of the design competition and exhibition here.