Messika Presents 'Paris est une fête'

In a dramatically darkened room, Messika presented its new high jewelry collection 'Paris est une fête’ at the 2017 Baselworld fair.

For women, the years 1919-1929 were intoxicating in Paris. Social and cultural norms evolved to liberate them and create a new society where creativity and revelry were celebrated. Dress codes relaxed, new forms of dance were explored, and women took hold worlds that were formally exclusive to men. Fitting inspiration for designer Valérie Messika, who today seeks to bring a very modern look to the often staid world of high jewelry.

Six distinct sub-collections - Isadora, Ritzy, Swinging Paris, Flappers, Madeleine, Roaring Diamonds - take cues from iconic people and places in Paris. Modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan, the famed Vendôme Column outside the Ritz hotel, fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet’s draping, flappers and swing music all take form in white diamonds. Asymmetry and transformable jewels are found throughout the joyful collection that begs to be worn to your next champagne-and-dancing-music-fuelled celebratory event.