Coco avant Chanel Launches in Paris

Early influential women provided the inspiration for Chanel’s latest high jewelry collection: Coco avant Chanel.

A softer side was on display at the Place Vendôme haute joaillerie boutique during Couture Week as an ode to the women who marked her life prior to the 1920s, when she grew from a young girl with big dreams to an up-and-coming designer serving her first clients.

Eleven sets include elements of lace and ribbon, rendered in gold and gemstones but sitting gently on the body like fabric trimmings. Soft pinks from spinels, sapphires and morganites mix with lush grey pearls and silky moonstones for a decidedly feminine collection.

The centerpiece is the lacy ‘Gabrielle Chanel’ necklace that floats above the skin and features a 10ct pear-shaped diamond - a most stunning collar. My personal favorite would be the ‘Jeanne’ necklace, a ribbon of pink sapphires, grey spinels and white diamonds that makes an angular statement. Oh, and I would gladly take the matching bracelet too!