Boucheron's Lierre de Paris Debut

Boucheron has once again drawn from its extensive archives for the latest new pieces unveiled in Paris at Spring 2017 Couture Week.

Lierre de Paris, or Paris Ivy, features the distinctive vine that has popped up in creations since the company was founded. Frédéric Boucheron saw it taking over the Palais Royale building his first shop was in and was charmed by its wild ways.

The central piece in the new collection is a high jewelry necklace in the maison’s signature ‘question mark’ style that has a piece of ivy curling around the neck. The leaves are set ‘en tremblant’ and quiver with any movement of the wearer via tiny hidden springs. Rounding out the collection are smaller tendrils that adorn the ears, neck and fingers, along with two secret watches.

Available from Boucheron.