Isola Madre by Mellerio dits Meller

Three dreamy Italian islands that have been the vacation paradise for generations of families serve as the inspiration for the latest collection from Mellerio dits Meller.

While today one may think of Mellerio as a French maison, its roots nineteen generations back are very much Italian. Then and today, the family has ties to the Maggiore Lake region of Northern Italy, having being founded in the town of Craveggia, and continuing to vacation in the Piedmont area.

The famed Borromeo islands - Isola Madre, Isola Bella, Isola Pescatori - are renowned for their beauty and majestic setting. The largest of the three, Isola Madre, is particularly known for its gardens, and this serves as the starting point for three sub-collections.

In the ‘Foglio’ collection, small leaves vary in delicate texture - painted in green enamel, sprinkled with bright tsavorites, or open pierce-work - all set in a soft rose gold found throughout the collection. Round brilliant diamonds nestled in the leaves flash at every turn.

More vibrant is the ‘Giardino’ series that evokes a summer garden in full bloom. Centered around beautifully vivid green tourmalines of an unusual shade, they are complemented by pink sapphires, spessartite and tsavorites garnets, and painted green enamel. The center cluster of gems on the choker is detachable, making an option brooch as well as a lower-key everyday collar that hugs the curves of the neck.

I just happened to be visiting Mellerio in Paris when the final piece of the collection emerged from the workshop. A technical challenge, the ring of the ‘Lago' collection features a large piece of milky chalcedony that has been delicately inlayed with rose gold, rubies and tsavorite garnets. Flawlessly finished from every angle, the wearer gets a special surprise with another inlay on the bottom of the chalcedony - only visible when the ring is taken off!

The collection will continue to grow over the next years as the other two islands get the luxurious Mellerio treatment.

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